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We turn complex data into simple, actionable strategies with AI-driven analysis. Join the ranks of traders who trust our daily crypto trend forecasts.


Discover why Crydis stands as the leading solution for forecasting cryptocurrency price evolution.


Real Time

With constant market scans every 2 minutes, always stay abreast of the latest insights.



With our high-precision algorithms, make informed investment decisions with certainty.



With no collection of your sensitive authentication details, enjoy our insights with peace of mind, knowing your data remains private.


Multi Time Frames

With analysis across diverse time frames, be primed to anticipate and navigate market fluctuations.

Leveraging AI for Precision in Crypto Forecasting.

Crydis is driven by a mission to offer dependable cryptocurrency trend forecasts straight to your inbox. Backed by years of deep research and extensive testing, our daily email analyses are top-notch, covering everything from 5-minute movements to more extensive 4-day trajectories.

Each prediction is formulated by analyzing data across 750 unique inputs, captured at regular intervals. At the heart of Crydis is our cutting-edge AI, perpetually refining its skills with an ever-growing database, ensuring its predictions stay ahead of the crypto curve. So, every time an email from Crydis lands in your inbox, know that you're armed with the freshest and most insightful crypto market analysis out there.


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$ 5.95/mo

Daily trend forecast mail

Single pair BTC/USDT

Time frame up to 24 hours


$ 13.95/mo

Bi-daily trend forecast mails

Multiple Pairs: BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT and BNB/USDT

Time frame up to 48 hours

Advanced Prediction Model

$ 34.95/mo

Bi-daily trend forecast mails

Access to top 10 trading pairs

Time frame up to 96 hours

Advanced Prediction Model

Real-time trend forecast alerts

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"Impressive accuracy of predictions on BTC and ETH. My top choice for anticipating market trends at low cost and safely."

William M.

"Every day right on time, I get Crydis forecasts by email, it's simple and time saving. I hope there will be an API one day !"

Keith T.

"Achieving this level of accuracy for all the markets offered must have been no small task, well done! Can't wait to see the next features!"

Gregory F.

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